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Professional office decoration often covers a very broad dimension. It must reflect the image of the company, promote the well-being of its employees while remaining highly functional and guaranteeing the safety of users.

To meet these needs, Kytom offers its services in interior design and professional space planning. We manage your entire project, from the initial sketches to the completion of the work, including 2D or 3D plans.

A unique method for professional office decoration

To successfully decorate your workspace, Kytom uses proven methods and techniques.

Audit and analysis of the existing

The initial audit is the first parameter to be taken into account when designing the interior of a professional space. It enables the technical and financial feasibility to be established. From this stage onwards, it is possible to carry out your decoration project while respecting your constraints, budget, legal obligations, building structure, etc. It is during this phase that it will be decided whether or not to reuse your existing furniture and other decorative objects to integrate them into your concept.

Bien-être au travail & space planning

Space planning and occupancy planning

Space planning is a very important point in professional office design, as it allows us to determine the location of the various workstations and furniture, as well as to establish space usage ratios. We are keen to ensure that services are communicated as effectively as possible and to maximise the use of usable space in order to make your office more functional and better adapted to your core business.

The plans, designed with reference software such as AutoCAD, are drawn up according to two to three basic scenarios and foresee the evolution of space occupation in the medium and long term.

Our professional office decoration services

Decoration, lighting and painting

Kytom’s architects can decorate your office in a thousand and one ways with decorative objects of great design. On the lighting side, according to your wishes, the company can provide lighting fixtures that can reflect the atmosphere of your choice. For painting, the firm’s designers remain available to bring your workspace back to life.

Partitioning work :

Thanks to its perfect mastery of space planning and zoning, Kytom is currently one of the most competitive interior design agencies on the French market in the field of partitioning.

Redesign, development and rehabilitation (office staging)

Consisting of completely redesigning the interior of an office or an entire building, these services can also be adapted to newly constructed buildings.

Furniture and woodwork :

Allowing us to supply furniture from a catalogue or made to measure, this offer is very wide, especially thanks to the agency’s many partners. For joinery, we will provide you with a choice of standard or bespoke furniture.

Carrying out renovation and decoration work

To carry out the work, the site manager and interior designer will carry out their tasks in accordance with the instructions stipulated in the plans and specifications. The same applies to Kytom’s partners. Kytom is contractually bound to ensure that the work schedule and budget are adhered to.

An office furnishing or decoration project?

We can help you to improve the well-being of your employees and enhance your attractiveness.