Removable office partitions

Versatile solutions for professional workspaces

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kytom aménagement bureaux
kytom aménagement bureaux


High performance solutions at competitive prices to organize your offices

The advantages of removable office partitions :

Realizations as sturdy as they are beautiful, design as flexible as it is safe to divide your room.
Unique aluminum supporting structure, unlimited siding and decorations available in large width and height for workshop.
System with visible joint covers, or edge-to-edge without vertical studs around each wall.
Anodized, brushed, white, lacquered with RAL colors or metallic finish.

Further information on the different options of am partitioning systems can be found here.

  • Edge-to-edge assembly using tempered or laminated glass with polished flat gaskets

  • Monobloc modules for the regular division of parts of standard width and height

  • Ultra-fast removal to free or reorganize your premises efficiently

  • No environmental degradation during implementation work. Simply screw the fixing to the ground

  • Standard sound attenuation of 43 dB that can be increased to more than 50 dB

cloison de séparation de bureaux bois acoustique

A foolproof adaptability

Kytom intervenes from the architectural design of bare tops or in modification of the existing one by installing the equipment of the main manufacturers of removable aluminium partitions on the French market: ABCD international, Bolmin Profiles, Clips, Clipper, KTY, Sab, Tiaso …


Many options adapted to your workspace are available

  1. Sliding or mobile melamine panels of large widths
  2. Integration of RJ45 links and electrical outlets
  3. Guardrail partition, workshop partitions with steel profiles
  4. Sliding or swinging door that can include a glass oculus
  5. Partitions for industrial cabins, technical storage rooms…

The removable partition in the service of flexible spaces

When designing an office space, architects make a plethora of decisions:

  • Where to place solid walls and removable partitions with wood panels?
  • Where to use glass to give visibility?
  • How to create a separation within open spaces?
  • Where to create private rooms and offices?
  • These decisions have lasting effects: once a movable partition is installed, it usually remains in place for years or even decades. The idea of architecture is permanence, however, different aspects of space have different time frames.


The structure, including removable partitions and load-bearing elements, often lasts from 30 to 300 years.
The panels can be changed every years to renew the colors and other features.
Services (wiring, plumbing) can be replaced every 10 to 15 years,
Workspace plans may change frequently (depending on circumstances)
Furniture (labeled “things”) is mobile and flexible

The dream of flexible spaces

Architects have long dreamed of countering the permanence of materiality with ideas that allow them to offer more possibilities, flexibility and a dynamic and modular use. The modern open floor plans designed by Le Corbusier clearly speak of a desire to free spaces from strictly predefined use. Today’s designers and space planners pursue this desire for flexible and dynamic spaces by suggesting an open framework. The flexibility of physical spaces is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve since, from the very beginning of the construction of walls and movable partitions, they structure our behaviour, channel our movements and generate an atmosphere of unshakeable permanence. This rigidity of space has become particularly problematic in the professional office environment of the 21st century, which is focused on dynamics, constant change and speed.

“Building managers and real estate professionals in today’s organizations find themselves struggling to adapt to the slow pace of conventional manufacturing in the workplace and the urgency of organizational change. It’s like trying to run a 100-metre race wearing concrete blocks attached to shoes.”

A fundamental trend towards more transparency

More and more, the projects entrusted to us are carried out in industrial premises with very high rooms. In order not to lose light, our customers frequently asked us to install a glass partition with a high hinged door. The use of white panels, or a workshop type partition with transom glass allows us to satisfy this request while respecting the aesthetics of the place.

As an alternative, we use a grid wall for semi-industrial office premises that we have to equip with our removable partitioning solutions.

Delimit a right angle of a room by means of our door and removable partition wall

Office partitions can also be used to separate a right angle from a room. If “sliding” type doors are placed at 90 degrees from each other, they can be used to separate a small section from a room that is larger in width by creating a custom passageway. This is the advantage of working with a product that can be easily modulated!

Create your ideal workspace or perhaps a rest room / lounge where the sofas are out of sight, behind the partition allowing a welcome break during the day.

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Each partition product is unique