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Optimized layout of furniture for original business premises

Using space planning not only makes your workspaces more functional but also facilitates communication within your company. Our aim is to build an environment with a high quality of life for employees. The use of raw materials and the provision of maximum natural light are among the essential levers we use to design interior layouts that meet or exceed our customers’ needs.

Requiring cross-disciplinary skills, legal constraints, safety standards, environmental standards … Blueprints optimized for the company can only be drawn up by an experienced space planner working in co-creation with you. Based in Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux, our consultants and interior designers have all received special training.

Architectural planning and programming

At Kytom, we offer a range of services centred around the complete design of professional spaces including :

  • Macro & micro zoning
  • Optimised interior layout plans
  • Implementation of furniture workstations
  • 3D visualization
  • 4 space planner agencies: Paris / Lyon / Bordeaux / Toulouse

In this way, we ensure the perfect implementation of your location to create modern premises that are not only beautiful, but also work and inspire your employees!

Climatisation gainable pour open-space

Space planning is an essential part of the process of genesis of the workplace, capable of transforming a hypothetical study into a viable reality. Poorly designed premises can not only cost more money, but can also be detrimental to productivity. 

At Kytom, we know from experience how important it is to have a perfect mastery of the office creation mission through the different projects we have carried out. Our consultants and space planners systematically strive to design an interior architecture that satisfies everyone, and not simply an open space that only optimises the square meters. The choice of the layout of each post becomes essential for companies.

The use of specialized software such as AutoCAD or JDA allows a remarkable time saving in the distribution of employee workstations.
Ultimately, space planning aims to maximize efficiency by seeking to make the most of the available space. Thus, our space planners can completely reconfigure the layout of your offices to save you from having to move to a new location and at the same time contribute to improving the well-being of your employees at work.

This improves the company’s performance KPI in order to :

  • Hiring additional staff
  • Designing and optimising the use of flexible workspaces that can be adapted to demand
  • Creating more efficient and user-friendly workspaces
  • Welcoming your visitors in the best possible way

What is space-planning ?

Zoning et capacitaire immeuble de bureaux

The act of designing and organising a workspace defines space-planning. When well carried out, it not only optimises the use of m2 but also encourages exchanges, creation and concentration of the company’s employees

Décoration accueil d'entreprise espace attente

Space-planning studies

Our specialised architects and decorators adopt a personalised but rigorous approach to each study in order to create a workplace that is functional, efficient but different from others:

  1. Collect of information
  2. Initial and detailed sketches
  3. Layout plans with layout to scale
  4. Validation of operating ratios 
  5. Mood boards
  6. First renderings of the premises
  7. Final 3D visuals

As a standard, we can produce a series of initial sketches and drawings, static photo-realistic visuals of the working environment and virtual reality throughout the process to allow you to visualize the look of your future office. Our interior architects and space planners work in constant collaboration with the consultant in charge of your project to create a layout that will meet the operational needs of your workplace, while accurately reflecting the ethics and culture of your organisation and of course not similar to that of your competitors.

Finally, our collaborators offer you a selection of finishes by presenting samples, as well as more refined visuals, in order to realise your dreamed and totally personalized spaces.

The level of detail and collaboration allows us to create a smooth installation process and increase communication between all parties, ensuring that both the furniture and the offices conform to the constraints of your premises.

The advantages of well-thought-out space planning

Open spaces, office buildings, shops or even restaurants need a space planner to make optimal use of the space. Space planning also focuses on design and ergonomics.

Space optimization

The thousands of companies that use space planning services increase their overall efficiency.  As every square metre is exploited, the efficiency of the building’s air conditioning and heating is also optimised, automatically paving the way for better energy performance. In an open space, a well thought-out distribution allows for the best possible modulation of space and thus anticipates future developments.


Thanks to this study, each department, division and management of a company can be linked to the others in a more rational way.

An important factor for the performance of a professional space, it also facilitates separation and partitioning work.  This technique is vital to provide more comfort and ergonomics for users, employees, suppliers or customers.

Décoration et space-planning - Kytom Architecture

A decoration concept entirely made to measure

With space planning, it is much easier for the interior designer to design a strong identity for your spaces. The same goes for lighting, which opens up the possibility of having several relevant lighting ambiences that cohabit harmoniously.

Standardised approaches to good space planning

There are good practices in planning that are best followed. Above all, the draughtsman must be trained to carry out this type of service. He or she must have a minimum mastery of the constraints arising from the labour code in order to draw up a meaningful projection.

Feasibility analysis: during this stage, the space planer must raise the legal constraints linked to the layout of the space. With most office buildings, certain rules apply. For example, for buildings where the low floor of the last habitable level is more than 8 m above the ground, we will require :

  • At least one accessible facade served by a road that can be used by the fire brigade.
  • Passive Fire protection with partitions at least IE60 with door IE30 + batch door closer. Special features such as ERP or car park are dealt with in addition to these legal provisions.

The space planner consultant, with these skills, can then build a proposal that is both in line with the applicable regulations and satisfactory from a customer’s point of view.

Drawing up plans: It is only once the key project information has been collected that, with the help of specialised software such as AutoCAD, the space planer will be able to draw up your project in 2D or 3D. Based on this document and the specifications, the contractors will then be able to carry out your work efficiently.

Do you need a customised space design service?

After an initial contact with one of our interior designers necessary for the study of your project, we will draw up an initial estimate for you, generally within 48 hours, together with an initial production schedule.