Plasterboard & Gypsum partitions for workspaces

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Partitioning for workspace design

Or how to organise an office tray in 10 days (timelapse below)

What are the reasons for partitioning?

  1. To create separations and compartmentalisation between work areas
  2. To delimit the circulation of office spaces
  3. To distribute interior spaces according to needs
  4. To provide visual privacy and sound protection with acoustic attenuation

And as you have seen, partitioning a desk top, from the assembly of movable partitions to the installation of furniture, can be quick 😉

A team of experienced panel builders can partition a desk of several hundred square metres in a few weeks. With a “sandwich” type structure, a few rigid steel or aluminium uprights, and finishing panels fixed with clips, very beautiful spaces can be created. The sound and heat insulating filling is nested between the vertical uprights and the finishing walls. The resulting soundproofing wall then ensures a very effective acoustic comfort. The height/width ratio of the modules determines the lateral stability. The clips are inserted on the carriers to dampen the vibrations of the coated plate/post combination and to receive the exposed joint covers. This construction is much quicker to implement than conventional “Placo” type solutions and does not generate dust when divided into separate rooms.

Integration of sockets and discreet passage of electrical fluids

Embedding of electrical sockets and mains during installation in plasterboard. The volume between the facings allows the passage of computer and electrical wiring, or even a recessed sliding door, provided of course that the paneling is opaque. Electrical and telephone plugs and sockets can be easily integrated into the walls for a perfect finish. A recessed switch should always be placed in the immediate vicinity of the door unit.

Wide variety of finishes

The finishing materials (wood, glass, PVC, fabrics, etc.) allow for a wide variety of supports and allow you to play on the appearance, shapes, performance, resistance to ageing and texture (brushed, matt, polished, sandblasted, etc.).

Wall-mounted magnetic board

The treatment of a wall surface helps to define the activity of the place. For example, the use of paint or a magnetic glass wall makes it possible to transform a simple transparent partition into a coloured magnetic board.

Mission transparency: edge-to-edge glazing

We have a powerful platform to get rid of joint coverings.

This solution has been developed for customers who require an aesthetically pleasing design without aluminium profiles, either to facilitate the passage of light or to enhance an engraved, screen-printed or adhesive-coated decoration.

This structure, developed with our partner specialising in glass walls, allows all kinds of creative audacity.

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