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Divide the space by creating offices and meeting rooms

For your workplace design projects, Kytom offers you a range of removable, demountable and reusable office partitions, available in a wide variety of colours and panel widths. As the space devoted to closed offices and furniture is shrinking, the screens separating each room must reduce their size while becoming mobile and more versatile (acoustic insulation, object support, decoration). From a wall, the separation becomes a simple nomadic obstacle so that it can be easily moved to create private spaces for one or more people within open spaces.

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Various configurations available

Perfectly linear layouts are of course most frequently encountered, whereas to break with monotony, it is necessary to create visual breaks:

  • Geometrically with the creation of corners and recesses of different widths or high/wide glass panels.
  • Diversity of materials and colours with vertical panels (glazed on sill, solid or glazed transoms, etc.)
  • Horizontal screening with alternating white melamine walls / sandblasted glazing for example over part of the height…

    A marked orientation towards modularity and transparency :

    Flexibility is built into the office design

    Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to predict which type of jobs will predominate in the coming years. It is therefore essential that their office design be flexible. Indeed, the workspace of the future will have to meet the new needs of staff, thanks to adaptable office furniture, such as scalable office partitions. The office partition becomes mobile, flexible, unrestricted in width and height, and more economical than the closed office, making it a preferred choice for future office design.

    Arbitrating between privacy and collaboration

    The implementation of a thin profile partition screen must take into account confidentiality, collaboration and balance both. To achieve this, activity-based thinking provides users with separate areas so that everyone can find a quiet acoustic booth to concentrate or collaborate with colleagues.
    According to a study carried out by Gensler, giving employees more workspaces with soundproofing gives them a feeling of autonomy and proactivity. This can be achieved by using a type of so-called “flexible” office partitioning to create individual rooms, quiet soundproofed areas, integrating door models in different colours or heights for different levels of collaboration. Glass partitions can also be used.

    Design of office partitions based on natural materials and products

    No more white! Companies are pushing the wellness trend with the return of the natural wood panel in partition walls. With sitting/standing desks and bright colours. Some companies have implemented office design projects centred around well-being, focusing on air, light, colour harmony, comfort and quality.
    Room design incorporating plants, natural light and a wide use of nature in offices is a major trend this year due to its positive influence on employees. In addition, in order to add a touch of life to work spaces, it is becoming more and more common to integrate plants that clean the air of certain harmful components and also serve as a front screen between employees. These supplements do not burden the budget of companies because of their low price.
    The return of wood can also be seen in the types of doors used with laminate finishes, mainly in noble woods.

    Reduction of environmental impact 

    As technical progress is made, the methods of manufacturing the removable aluminium partition are becoming more and more environmentally friendly. The design methods for each product now include HQE concepts during the manufacture of the profiles. There is a reduction in profile weight and thickness in contrast to the maximum width and height accepted per panel module.


    Colour is present at every moment of our lives, but is often absent from the austere ambiances encountered in the professional world. However, colours are not insignificant.

    They have a meaning, a story that will influence our feelings and behaviour. Painting or the colours of wall panels should make it possible to transform a simple association of colours into a successful, wise decoration based on neutral tones, white, grey, taupe, or even bold with a deep red for example…

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