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A silent partition with high performance soundproofing

The removable partition is usually fixed at the top to the suspended ceiling, leaving the plenum, i.e. the space between the false ceiling and the concrete slab, free. However, the sound attenuation provided by conventional false ceilings is insufficient to block the propagation of telephone conversations between offices.

To remedy this transmission phenomenon, we offer a complete solution in three parts:

  1. The refraction of sound through a solid or glass wall (in black on the diagram).
  2. Attenuation of the transmitted sound volume by the interposition of a false ceiling with high-performance absorption characteristics (in brown on the diagram).
  3. A high-density barrier placed in the plenum in front of the separation preventing the transmission of residual noise (blue in the diagram).

The sound attenuation obtained on both sides of the walls is certified by a PV from the CSTB. The Rw value / pink noise varies according to the type of element chosen. For maximum performance, baffles or false ceilings can be used to absorb sound energy and dissipate it as heat energy. The reverberation speed of the sound is reduced, thus lowering the noise level of the treated rooms. These products are particularly suitable for large glass surfaces.

Perceived noise as a function of the sound attenuation obtained

The sound insulation levels below provide the following levels of acoustic comfort:

  • 40 dB: normal audible conversation
  • 45 dB: normal conversation barely perceptible
  • 50 dB: audible voice bursts but normal conversation inaudible
  • 55 dB : No discomfort between adjacent offices under normal use

These levels are given as an indication and are representative of the acoustic attenuation provided by our removable partitioning solutions:

  • Removable glass partitioning: 34 to 48 dB
  • Full demountable partition: 41 to 55 dB
  • Wooden door block with solid core: 28 to 48 dB

Which type of panel to choose for sound insulation ?

Cloison d'isolation phonique

Nowadays, there is no longer any need to choose between solid or glass partitions to achieve good sound insulation. For sound-insulating glass partitions, we use 12 mm or even 15 mm thick glass with an insulation of up to 50dB. For solid partitions, by using a complex of lined gypsum walls and high density mineral wool, a sound reduction index of 53dB is obtained.

Perception du bruit en fonction dB

Do you need more information about our office partitions?

Effective soundproofing through double glazing

Partitioning is not just about compartmentalising office space. Partitioning is more than just a way of dividing up office space. It is also a way of improving comfort and providing the privacy necessary for certain conversations. Depending on the type of panel covering and the choice of insulation complex, they can even reduce ambient background noise.

Cloison double vitrage pour bureaux lumineux

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