Network Structured Cabling Installation

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Quality cables and optical fibre

Implementation of wired Ethernet lines, telephone integration, wifi deployment

kytom aménagement bureaux


kytom aménagement bureaux
kytom aménagement bureaux

Installation and maintenance of corporate LAN networks

Why implement an Ethernet copper cabling in a company?

Although WiFi is increasingly becoming a fast installation solution, wired cabling remains the preferred solution for creating corporate LAN networks when you want high performance, effective throughput and optimal quality of service. Network administrators also use it to reduce security breaches by restricting wifi access to visitors.

What is the lifespan of your computer cabling?

We provide a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee for the installation of networks that we have fully installed. However, it is clear that we frequently encounter the following problems with our customers:

  • damaged or even torn out sockets
  • cut or obsolete wiring
  • RJ45 lines available in insufficient quantity or badly distributed because of a topology inherited from a previous occupant

In all of these cases, your installer must check the existing wiring by carrying out a cable acceptance test, before carrying out any corrective maintenance, if necessary, and then extend the network if necessary.

The brassage bay, center nerve of your computer network

Star topology

This configuration, or “topology” is so called because each Ethernet link is wired directly from the patch panel to the workstation. The advantages of this cabling system lie on the one hand in the ease of maintenance by the technician in charge, as the condition of all components is checked from a single location, and on the other hand in the great robustness of the computer links.

However, it is still necessary to ensure a real long-term professional follow-up by the administrators in charge of the rack, otherwise you will soon find yourself facing difficulties!

Unorganised rack


Structured Cabling

Maintenance cablage necessaire

In the left-hand case, the only solution is :

  • establish a rational rack plan
  • carry out a complete cable marking
  • switch off active devices
  • remove existing patch cords
  • Rearrange active equipment
  • stir again but with short cord distances

A well-performed grid shuffling is a guarantee of :

  • reduction of subsequent maintenance costs by your technician
    compliance with safety standards and the principle of signal separation (IP, telephony, fire detection, alarm systems, etc.)
  • optimal operation, reduction of crosstalk and packet loss

Kytom can also offer you the installation of technical floors for your server room and for your offices.

Maintenace réseau informatique

Standardization of RJ45 computer sockets

RJ45 connectors, although identical in appearance for many years, have in fact evolved to become the almost universal communication standard for all data transport networks. The Ethernet connectors, via the TCP/IP protocol, allow not only equipment to be connected but also telephone and, more recently, audio-visual terminals.

Their standardised size allows them to be installed regardless of the size of the cabinet or enclosure chosen. Thus, for a height of 6 to 45U, with a minimum depth of 300 mm up to 1000 mm and widths of 600 to 1000 mm, the same standardised boards and connectors will be used.


  • Locating the correct cable ends
  • Instant visualization of the connection status
  • Eliminates the risk of unintentional disconnection due to misidentification
  • Compatible with high density RJ45 decks
  • Coloured clips with protection for easy organisation of wiring
  • Management of the different networks
  • Visual differentiation of the racks
  • Locking tab protection
  • Compliance with EIA/TIA & ISO standards and gigabyte size
  • Injection lamps available in several colours to allow simultaneous marking
Identification lumineuse des prises RJ45